Legal Counsel & Technical Solutions

Our Services are today fully integrated from the Legal and Technical component, attended by an interdisciplinary team, which is adapted to the interests and/or projects of our clients, based on the experience and capacity of the Consultancy, complying with a high degree of satisfaction and success in services.

Under our brand Green Blue Environmental Solutions trademark by Legal Counsel & Technical Solutions, we have the technical capacity to attend to all activities related to Consulting, Management and Auditing of projects about environmental issues.

Green Blue Environmental Solutions attends your projects with a large interdisciplinary team of technicians and legal professionals, highly qualified and trained to attend all the activities that are required by our clients in the environmental area, mainly in the Hydrocarbons, Mining, Infrastructure, Energy, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Water Resources, Public Services and others.

We have strategic allied Laboratories in Canada and the United States to carry out highly complex analyzes that are not offered in Colombia, and that are required to satisfy the needs of our clients, ensuring that our operation guarantees the highest standards, satisfying the demands of the different Environmental Authorities in Colombia.

Our service is not just a Consulting, Management or Auditing activity aimed at simply offering the delivery of a product, since the reality of this type of project demands a number of circumstances that can modify, alter, suspend or interrupt the activities of our clients during the execution of their projects, that is why our goal is to maintain the highest levels of quality and service in all our activities, to also offer real solutions to their needs with the support of our interdisciplinary team from the Technical and legal component.

We are not just an Environmental Consulting, We are a Technical and Legal Consulting that offers solutions!